Hand-Held Water Current Velocity Meters Model 3000 and 140cm Top Set wading Rod

Hand-Held Water Current Velocity Meters Model 3000 and 140cm Top Set wading Rod

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Hand held, portable instrument for measuring "Accurate" open stream velocities in feet or meters per second. It utilizes Photo-Fiber-Optic sensor coupled with precision quartz crystal controlled electronics to provide accurate repeatable data in most flow conditions.

Available in two models: model 2100 and model 3000. Both models feature weatherproof construction, digital display, self-calibration and a measurement range of 0.1 to 25 feet per second. Accuracy for both models is ±1% of reading. The Model 2100 features a digital display with maximum/minimum velocity, three preset averaging times of 5, 20, and 90 seconds and a start/stop button for interval testing. Uses one 9V battery, included. The upgraded Model 3000 is a computer/datalogger version of the Model 2100, allowing on-site computation of stream discharges. Model 3000 records depths, width, velocities and angles along with time and date of measurements. It figures the “Q” and can upload all information in spreadsheet-acceptable format to your PC via RS232. Simple file transfer software and a DB9 serial connection cable are provided. Choose from 1 to 999 seconds of averaging. Velocities can be a single averaged measurement or the accumulated average of as many measurements as desired. As many as 1,000 “stations” in 1 to 100 stream cross-sections can be acquired and stored in memory. Use the convenient keypad to input angles of velocity other than perpendicular to the stream cross-section. Simple, accurate calibration is possible in the field. Two-line, 16-character LCD prompts user through all operations.

There are three types of Wands: Telescopic Wand (designed where taking flow measurements requires a long reach from the user such as in sewers, plant outfalls, canals, etc), Top Set Wading Rod (designed to be used while wading in streams and waterways. Use the rods to measure the stream depth then automatically place the sensor at 6/10 of the depth from the stream surface, the best place to determine the average velocity of a water column in relatively shallow water), Combination Wading Rod (designed to be very stable in faster/deeper flows such as measuring from bridges, boats, etc).

Each meter is sold complete (ready to use); it includes a meter indicator, hands-free harness and/or neck strap, two complete propeller rotor assemblies, spare propeller, sensor and cable assembly, wand, battery, software & PC cable (model 3000 only) and operating manual. One year warranty (except rotors, propellers, shaft, and thrust bearing nut, all of which can wear sooner due to varying water conditions). Made in the U.S.A.


  • Catalog # : 9000029
  • Description : Model 3000 and 140cm Top Set wading Rod
  • Pack : each
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