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Alfa Aesar Stearic Acid, 98%

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Product Description

Stearic Acid, 98%

MDL       MFCD00002752

EINECS   200-313-4

Chemical Properties

Formula Weight
Melting point
Boiling Point
Flash Point
Storage & Sensitivity
Ambient temperatures.
Soluble in ethanol, dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethyl formamide, carbon terachloride, toluene, chloroform, acetone and carbondisulfide. Insoluble in water.


A saturated fatty acid Stearic acid is used as a raw material in the production of detergents, surfactants, soaps, and cosmetics such as shampoos and shaving cream products. Its salts are used to soften polyvinyl chloride and a component of grease. It is used for the preparation of softeners in textile sizing with castor oil and dietary supplements. It acts as a hardener in candles with simple sugar or corn syrup. It is utilized for the coating of metal powders like aluminum and iron in fireworks. It finds application as a common lubricant during injection molding and pressing of ceramic powders. It acts as a key raw material for the synthesis of stearyl alcohol by reduction.


Store in a cool place. Incompatible with bases, oxidizing agents and reducing agents.

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