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Atago PAL Alpha Digital Hand-Held Refractometer

Atago PAL Alpha Digital Hand-Held Refractometer

Part Number:1071664
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• PAL-1: With its wide measurement range ( Brix 0.0 to 53.0% ) the PAL-1 works perfectly in measuring almost any fruit juice, food, or drink, such as soup, sauce, ketchup, tomato sauce, low-sugar jam, or marmalade.
• PAL-2: Has all the great features of the PAL-1, but with a higher measurement range from 45.0-93.0%Brix. This makes it the perfect instrument for high concentration samples such as jam, marmalade, jelly, honey, concentrated juice, etc. The PAL-2 is water resistant (rated at IP65), so clean up of viscous samples can be done easily by placing the instrument under running water. High temperature boiled samples such as jam, marmalade or maple syrup can also be measured. For these samples, the PAL-2 will give steady readings once measurement is repeated a few times (and the temperature of the sample and prism surface conforms to the ambient temperature).In addition, the best new feature of the PAL-2 is that daily ""zero-setting"" (calibration) can be performed by using just water. No more need for any calibration liquid!
• PAL-3: Designed with a full Range(Brix 0.0 to 93.0%), the PAL-3 works perfectly for measuring almost any sample. The Full Range PAL-3 has the same great features as the PAL-1 and PAL-2.
• PAL-a: is a special model with a wide brix range (0-85%) offered at a very reasonable price. PAL-a is useful for measuring most kinds of samples as well as samples that are in the cooking process. Designed with a water resistant feature, the PAL-a can be washed under running water. PAL-a is equipped with the same great features as the other PAL units.
• PAL-RI: is the long-awaited "Pocket" digital and compact sized refractometer PAL-RI was released. When the start key is pressed after placing some droplets of sample on the prism, the refractive index (resolution 0.0001) and temperature °C of the measurement will be displayed continuously like an electric news board. It is also equipped with all the features of the PAL series.
• PAL-BX/RI has dual scales of Brix full range : Brix 0.0 to 93.0%, high measurement accuracy : Brix ±0.1% and refractive index (resolution 0.0001). RI and measurement temperature will continuously scroll across the display. The PAL-BX/RI works perfectly for measuring almost any sample.


  • Catalog # : 1071664
  • Type : ATC, Water resistant
  • Model : PAL-Alpha
  • Pack : each
  • Brix Range : 0.0 to 85.0 %
  • Brix Accuracy : ±0.2 %
  • Temperature Range : 10 to 75°C
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