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Organomation 11824 24 Position MICROVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

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The MICROVAP® evaporator is one of the most compact sample concentrators available, and it continues to meet the needs of the life science and pharmaceutical industries. Each MICROVAP uses minimal hood space while providing optimal temperature control for high and low boiling point solvents.

The digital temperature controls and an anodized aluminum heat block provide uniform heat up to 130°C with temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5°C. An unheated version is available for evaporations that will be performed at ambient temperatures.

The evaporator is offered in three different models, providing versatility for many different sample preparation applications. The single position MICROVAP microplate evaporators condense samples held within a 96 well plate, and can accommodate both deep well and micro well plates. The 15 and 24 position MICROVAP laboratory evaporators are intended for small batch solvent evaporations, such as concentrations of sample batches in microcentrifuge tubes and GC vials.

  • Compact design: The MICROVAP product line has the smallest footprint of all of Organomation’s nitrogen blowdown evaporators
  • Ease of use: Temperature and gas levels are easily set using the digital temperature controller and gas flow meter
  • Versatility: Quickly converts between models for use with both plate and tube samples, using dry block and gas manifold conversion kits
  • Evaporation Needles, 4 inch x 19 gauge with chrome plated brass hub and stainless steel shaft
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